Lords international Medicinal plant
garden is extablished at Aurangabad, in the Maharashtra state of india. More than 400 species are available in the garden.

This garden is eastablished with an intension to make the perpole aware about, Medicinal Plants, Vanaushadhee, Medicinal trees, Herbs jadi buti plants used for home remedies ghar ka vaidya gharcha vaidya and encorage the people for eastablishing herbal garden.

Vanaushadhi garden, Ayurvedic Garden, Botanical Garden, Herbal Park, Herbal Udyan, Medicinal plant park, Terrace Herbal Garden, Paras bag. It is 10km far from Auranagabad city in shendra five star MIDC area.
Garden is open for visitors, School picnic , students, scientists docotrs and torists for all the days of year.

We develop following herbal/medicinal plant garden:

  1. Ayurvedic Medicinal college garden & medicinal plant supply.
    (List of medicinal plant recommended by medical counci for Ayurvedic College)
  2. Homeopathic medical college herbal medicinal plant garden/herbarium.
    (List of garden plant)
  3. Pharmacy college pharmacognosy/medicinal plant /herbal garden.
    (List of plant)
  4. Unani medical college herbal medicinal plant garden/herbarium.
    (List of plant)
  5. Botanical garden for universities & sciences colleges.
  6. Herbal gardens for Municipal Corporation, institutes, grampanchayat, schools colleges
    companies and offices.
  7. Home herbal gardens-Terrace herbal Garden, medicinal plant Garden
    which can be used in our day to day life and keeping family healthy and fit .
  8. Development of herbal, medicinal plant/trees forest on large scale.

All above gardens are developed on turnkey basis or on part development anywhere in India & world. We take land, Water & funds and we gives you garden ready with all facility.
We offers annual garden maintenance contract which includes grass management, pest management, fertilizer management, replacement of dead plant.

Lords research & life Sc Laboratories Private Limited Provides guidance and training to the farmers in Marathi, Hindi & English language at our center and actual cultivation site.

Training and guidance:

  • National & international market for medicinal plant and herbs.
  • Address for purchasers of medicinal plants.
  • Visit to farm.
  • Plant selection and climatic requirement.
  • Cultivation, collection, irrigation guidance & demonstration.
  • Herbal, medicinal plant Extraxtion Projects
  • Processing & packing. Marketing
  • Government Schemes & subsidies (National and state medicinal plant board.)
  • List of medicinal plant under government schemes and projects.