Lords Research & life Sc. Lab. Pvt. Ltd is also involved in the manufacturing of following engineering equipments as per cGMP and GEP norms.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Engineering- Design, fabrication and sale.


  • Hospital Beds
  • All Type Of Furniture & Pipelines
  • First Aid Boxes
  • Iv Set Stands
  • Oxygen & Steam pipeline


  • Oil extraction plant for lemon grass, citronella, and other.
  • Percolators.
  • Other crude drug extraction plants.


  1. Stainless Steel 316/ Stainless Steel 316 L water storage tank with Stainless Steel loop recirculation system.
  2. Heating facility to water tank
  3. Inbuilt Steam in place (SIP) and Clean In Place (CIP) facility to tank.
  4. SS air risers, and grills.
  5. Manometers and UV lights covers in Stainless Steel.
  6. SS pendant.
  7. Stainless Steel Strong tanks. Stainless Steel double door interlocked pass box with UV lights.
  8. Stainless Steel garments cabinets.
  9. Pressure vessels, (Stainless Steel).
  10. Stainless Steel pallets.
  11. Inter lock, air lock doors.
  12. Vial and Ampoule SS Boxes.
  13. Stainless Steel drain traps.
  14. Stainless Steel trolley.
  15. Stainless Steel tables.
  16. Stainless Steel chairs.
  17. Stools & Packing tables.
  18. Stainless Steel scoops, spatulas.
  19. SS trays of different capacities.
  20. Stainless Steel pipelines.
  21. Stainless Steel jacketed tanks with SIP and CIP.
  22. Stainless Steel conveyor belts.
  23. Stainless Steel turns tables.
  24. Could storage cabinet.
  25. Air curtains of appropriate velocity and CFM.
  26. Paste vessel.
  27. Dies and punches cabinet.
  28. Table/Capsules counters.
  29. Table inspection and sorting table with conveyor.
  30. Wall-floor ceiling coving of SS, & GI.
2) Water Fountains and Garden Equipments.