1. Technology & Research Division.

  1. Herbal Research work, Projects and sale
  2. Research projects to research Scolders
  3. Herbal & Ayurvedic Formulation development, testing, licensing, regulatory work, Manufacturing & sale
  4. Pharmaceutical Formulation Research and development
  5. Pharmaceutical Projects set up
  6. Crude Drug Extraction Plant set up
  7. Consultancy services for all pharmaceutical field
  8. Turn key projects
  9. GMP Certification to pharmaceutical company
  10. GMP and pharmaceutical Quality system documentation
  11. Design of Pharmaceutical factories
  12. Design , testing and documentation of Water and steam system
  13. Design and testing of Air handling systems
  14. Calibration and validation services
  15. Clinical & Medical research
  16. Regulatory guidance & compliance
  17. Preclinical, Clinical trials & Bioequivalence studies
  18. New drug discovery
  19. Patent registry, trademark registry & IPR work
  20. Testing of pharmaceutical sample
  21. Guidance for Hospital step, Aseptic rooms, pathology room, operation theaters, IVF, Labs and blood banks
  22. Analytical research & Method development
  23. Analysis of out side samples as per requirement
  24. Formulation development
  25. Protein and nutrition research
  26. Cosmetic & Nutritional Research
  27. Certification to cosmetic and food industries
  28. Microbial testing.
  29. Evaluation of disinfectant
  30. Genetic research
  31. Microbial Testing Method development
  32. ETP Projects
  33. Environmental testing
  34. Environmental Projects
  35. Microbial Testing Method development
  36. Environmental Lab set projects.
  37. General research
2. Production & Trading Division,
Production, storage & sale Sale and purchase of Crude drugs, and herbal preparation
  1. Herbal stores chain.
  2. Processing, packing and sale –purchase of Herbals
  3. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing ,Sale, Import & export
  4. Pharmaceutical & Medical machine and equipment manufacturing and sale
  5. Water fountains and water falls manufactue , sale & purchase
  6. Garden Toys.
  7. Cosmetic & Nutrition Manufacturing, storage and sale
  8. Microbiological & Biotechnology related work
  9. Organic fertilizer, drip system, sprinklers.

3. Training, Education & Publication, Division,

  • Awareness about medicinal plant protection
  • Consultancy services in Medicinal plant cultivation, processing, collection, and marketing
  • Student’s Science, nature and technology based projects.
  • Awareness to protect environment

4. Nursery, Garden & Fountains Division (SEALAND)
  • Nursery: Medicinal plants, Herbs, Nakshatra tree, rashi tree, Astrology. jotish tree, aromatic plants, religious plant, spices plant, fruit plants, vegetable plants, ornamental garden plants, decoration indoor ,out/ door plants.
  • Garden Development: Herbal Garden, Medicinal Plant Gardens, Nakshta van, Rashi/Zodiac Garden, Planet/navgrah Garden, Ornamental Garden, Landscaping.
  • Fountains and water falls : Table top portable fountains, Indoor portable tub fountain, outdoor Fountains, Portable Table top portable Water falls , indoor portable water falls, outer door water falls , lake and water landscaping.
  • Garden Decorations: FRP Garden Toys and Animals, FRP Benches and chairs , FRP garden Toys, FRP Dust bins, Garden Lighting, Statues, Garden irrigation systems- drip & sprinklers.
  • Conservation of Medicinal plant.
  • Plant tissue culture.
  • Garden Designs and ideas.

5. Training, Health, Education and Publications

  • Training to Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, Retail and hospital, pharmacist, blood banks.
  • GMP & Pharmaceutical Technology training.
  • Training to farmer for cultivation of medicinal plants.
  • Publication of books, literature, journals, charts, slides, boards, specimen, compact disc for sale.
  • Sale and purchase of other publications & books.
  • Run various courses on GMP, Pharmaceutical Technology, Herbal technology, Tissue culture, Medical, Documentation,
    Medical & clinical research, drug regulatory etc.
  • Training and courses on tissue culture.
  • Colleges and schools.

  • Retail Pharmacist & MR training.
  • Yoga & Naturopathy Education and training.
  • Natural and modern health center chain.